Drifting Inward

Artist Statement


Through my photography I build a world that is undeniably separate from that in which we live; yet is still relatable and tied together by a common emotional resonance made into a seeming reality through composite photography.

The intent of my body of work is to create internal tension for the viewer by building images that confront personal emotions and feelings that are often ominous and grim. I use self-portraiture to illustrate a narrative of inner turmoil, drawing attention to and creating beauty out of that which is thought to be dark and foreboding. My work focuses on self-exploration; I use photography as a way to find and reveal pieces of myself; strange or mysterious parts of me that I wouldn’t wish to share outright are often most present in my work. My work is comprised of thematic elements that are strange, mysterious, intense, and grotesque; in stark contrast with my outward personality. 

Through my work I hope to uncover what lies in the subconscious mind and how subconscious thought often comes in fragmented pieces of information. Composite photography allows me to create images that are reflective of our relationship with our inner mind. I use remnants of  multiple images to create a whole image as I feel that it represents and reflects that fragmentation.