A few of my favorite things....

Gear, gear and more gear! I thought I would share with you my favorite equipment, or the gear that I use most frequently. I grouped the items by topic rather than chronologically so that you might have a better idea of what I'm reaching for when I shoot and why. 

Composite Photography

13- Tripods are a MUST for composite photography especially if you want to maintain the same exact frame while taking several different shots. I use a Manfrotto 055XB tripod with a Manfrotto MHXPro-BHQ2 ball head. I can't say enough how important a good, sturdy tripod is.

12- Nikon D750. I use this camera for much more than composites but am including it here because I use it for composite photography the most. I love this beast of a camera! It is AMAZING in low light!

11- Sigma 35mm F1.4 ART. This is my most recent purchase and let me just say, it is by far my favorite lens for creating composites. Not only is there not much distortion from this 35mm but it is tack sharp. Also, my house is tiny so working with a 35mm really helps me use my space to my advantage. 

10- My ol' standby "Nifty Fifty." I've had the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D for a few years, and while its not the sharpest lens it is one of my favorites for compositing as it is a good focal length. 

9- Another essential for composting. I gave up on my camera's interval and self timer a long time ago for remote. For me, using a camera remote allowed me to really get into the right mindset for each composite I am doing. Don't get me wrong, a remote is not perfect; sometimes I struggle with knowing where the focus spot is while taking self portraits. I have thrown this remote several times but it still works! 

7- Apple iPad Pro 12.9in with Apple pencil. This is so helpful for not only editing (using the Astropad app) but also it helps me see exactly what my camera sees when I use it with my camera's wifi. The iPad can act as a mirror using the qdslrDashboard app and helps with self portraits. 

Fun/ Experimental

8- I for one, think that photography should be about fun, creativity, and experimentation. Lensbaby has been on the scene for 14 years now and has really pushed the definition of what photography is and offers more than just your straightforward, average lens. In the gear photo to your left I have grouped together my three favorite Lensbaby lenses: The Composer Pro II with Edge 80 optic (left), the Sweet80 optic (middle), and the Twist60 (right). I love each of these lenses for different reasons and will eventually be creating a blog post with examples from each. 


1 & 2- What could be better than the instant gratification of having a photograph that you've just taken in your hot little hand a minute or two after you've taken said picture? Megapixels and a bigger image you might say, but you'd have to admit, having a tangible image that you've just taken is pretty special. 

6- For the heavy lifting when it comes to film, I love using my Rolleiflex medium format camera. Its like holding a piece of history in your hands. Its not my everyday camera as of late, but I do love working with film. 

3,4 & 5- The film I generally go for is Kodak Portra 400 for color, Ilford HP 5 plus 400 for B&W, and Lomochrome Purple and Rollei Infrared for fun. I also have macro lens attachments for the Rolleiflex and a red filter that I use for B&W film.